Outside of my practice, I currently work at The Victoria Clinic, a private psychiatric hospital in inner Melbourne. I facilitate group therapies and see people for individual therapy during their admission.

Prior to this I worked at Albert Road Clinic, another private psychiatric hospital, following the completion of a year’s practicum as a member of the specialist Adult Day Program. I facilitated year-long group-based therapeutic interventions for adults with moderate to severe emotional and psychological difficulties.

To hone my skills in working with younger adults, I undertook a year’s practicum at Austin CAMHS, a specialist clinical service for children, adolescents and families. CAMHS provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary service, and the breadth of my knowledge base expanded significantly during my time there.

My Doctoral thesis examined the impact upon parents who are raising a child with an impairment using a unique model, and in 2008 I received a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology from ACU. This represents the highest level of nationally accredited specialist training available to Psychologists. Medicare recognises this training, which means you will be eligible to receive the highest possible rebate for consultations under a Mental Health Care Plan.

During my clinical training, I found time to pursue my other passion — coffee. I worked as a barista for a specialty coffee roaster in Abbotsford (, which provided a wonderful break from study!