When I started my practice I set out to provide a unique specialist service that was both effective and affordable.

With this in mind, I developed an approach to therapy that is flexible, collaborative and can yield results in a shorter period of time than traditional therapy.

My approach is non-pathologising, so I am not looking to find the flaws in you – I can’t see how that would be of any help. My approach is designed to help you to dissolve the underlying learning that generates and maintains your current emotional struggles. I do not specialise in problems, I specialise in helping people through the avenue that will be of most help to them.

I help people partly through developing an open curiosity about the various aspects of themselves. I think it is helpful to replace judgement with curiosity, as it is very hard to help ourselves whilst we are busy judging ourselves.

It is my hope that working collaboratively will help you to gain insight, relief from symptoms and a new experience of yourself.


Dr Aaron Allen    Clinical Psychologist